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Shutters | Things to consider

Plantation Shutters Plantation shutters are an interior design statement, and can completely transform the look of your home from ordinary to extraordinary. However, there are a few things you need to consider before making your final decision.   Style, Doors & Divider Rails The style of your shutter completely depends on what you’d like it […]

Timberlux | Luxury Wooden Blinds

The top end of our wooden product range sees a collection of sophisticated, modern shades and textures. Timberlux wooden venetian blinds are hand crafted in the UK to suit your individual requirements, ensuring that each beautiful blind perfectly suits your d├ęcor and way of life, without compromising on style or functionality. ……….. The Timberlux Zebrano […]

Bedroom Blinds | Relax & Unwind

The bedroom is a room you can’t really avoid, so make sure it’s not one you detest going into because of the tatty blinds or lack of light control. Read our short and handy guide to choosing your ideal bedroom blinds in a flash. DAY TO NIGHT Venetian blinds will let the light flood in […]

Christmas decor | Make your home a winter wonderland

If you’ve got young kids, you’ve probably been nagged at more than 10 times already to put the Christmas decorations up. If you simply love Christmas, you’ve probably got them up yourself already. Either way, in this post we’ll give you some tips on decorating your home for Christmas from an interior design perspective so […]

Nursery blinds | Amanda for Blinds & Curtains

When you’re in the process of creating a calming atmosphere for your new baby, the blind(s) can often be the last thing on the list. However, a blind in a nursery could be one of the most important choices you make when setting up a new nursery. Blackout is key With the sleeping pattern of […]

Home office blinds | Getting rid of screen glare

Having a home office can be a life saver, especially if you’re working from home a lot. But there has always been the issue of screen glare. Now you may be thinking that blackout is the only option – think again. Our extensive range of standard shading roller blinds with do the perfect job. Whilst […]

Conservatory blinds | Tips & advice

Choosing the right blind for your conservatory can be a tricky task if you’ve got no idea what is the most suitable. In this post we hope to give you the information and inspiration that you’ve been looking for. Perfect Fit blinds An ideal option if you like a really tidy, polished finish. There are […]

Blinds | The Modern Take

…………….. Although one of our most popular blinds, vertical blinds can be seen by some people as old fashioned or “officey”. But the range of blinds you can have installed in your home has expanded massively in the past 10 years. From style innovations to safety concerns – a heap of new designs are out […]

Roller blinds | Accessories

Roller blinds can look quite plain, which is great, if that’s what you’re after. But what if it’s not? What if you want something to look modern but unique? Look no further than Amanda for Blinds roller blind accessories. What we offer: Eyelets – a range of metal toned eyelets to create unique cutaways in […]