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No more re-attaching the bottom chain on your vertical blinds because your dog has gotten tangled in them… again.

Introducing rigid vertical blinds!

Rigid vertical blinds are a rigid PVC take on a standard vertical blind. The louvres or slats are slightly curved for excellent closure and have no weights or chain connecting the slats at the bottom. They are sold with a specialty headrail, but depending on the type of hooks you have in your current rail, you may also be able to attached rigid vertical slats to your current rail.

Our range of Durashade rigid vertical blinds consists of neutral shades with a variety of finishes such as matte, gloss and textured. Echoing the sleek look of a fabric vertical option, Durashade offers contemporary designs with the added benefits of durability and functionality. The PVC material is ultra-hard-wearing and easier to clean than fabric blinds, making them an all round easy solution for pet owners.

If you’re still a firm fan of the standard vertical blind, but still hate those pesky pets getting tangled in the bottom chain, sealed pockets may be an alternative for you. They are the same as a standard vertical blind, but the weights are sewn in, which removes the need for bottom chain as your weights will not fall out. Find out more about vertical and rigid vertical blinds on our website.

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