Roller blinds are the most widely used blind within the home because of the ease of use, adjustment and installation. Offered in a variety of colours, patterns and textures they will complement the decor of any home.

You can browse our Fabric Box Roller Blinds Collection online.

From modern florals and abstract patterns to contemporary classics and retro style. Our range is packed with exciting prints that will make a statement in your home. There’s also a brilliant range of plains, plus textured, sheer and blackout fabrics too.

With ease of use in mind, our roller blinds are a simple solution to creating basic privacy. The chain has two “double breakers” which are designed to snap apart if the chain is under a certain amount of weight. You can rest easy knowing that your blinds are 100% child safe. Rollers also create a stunning effect when used as conservatory blinds as the colour or pattern can carry throughout the whole room. We also offer motorised roller blinds to make your life a little easier, control your blind or blinds at the touch of a button.

Another option if you like the look of roller blinds is our day & night blinds. The clever system works almost like a double roller give you a 3-dimensional effect. Available in a range of colours and textures, the innovative system is easy to use and beautiful to look at both inside and outside your home. A luxury product, take a look at some of our images in the gallery below.


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