Perfect Fit Blinds


Bringing a new level to made to measure blinds, our range of perfect fit blinds do exactly that. The clever system is designed to fit inside the frame of your uPVC windows, with no drilling required to fit them & minimal control cords. With a range of frame colours available to match your existing windows and doors. Furthermore 4 different types of blind to fit inside them. You’ll wonder what you did before perfect fit blinds were in your home.


Roller blinds are one of two types of perfect fit blinds that allow you to have no controls hanging down. These will certainly give you the sleekest look in terms of being compact. The roller is spring loaded and moves into whichever position you desire by simply tilting the bottom bar in towards the glass, then pulling it back out to lock the blind in position. The range of fabrics available for these type of perfect fit blinds is also very impressive. You can choose from the majority of our fabric box standard roller fabrics. Thus meaning that this range allows you to match the blinds on your windows that are not suitable for perfect fit blinds.


Our most popular of the perfect fit range has got to be the aluminium venetian. With a range of over 120 shades to choose from, able to be matched with our standard 25mm aluminium venetian range. Each and every window can be included when having perfect fit blinds – even the top openers. There’s no worrying about whether a standard blind will interfere with your handles as this system fits snugly behind. The controls of the perfect fit aluminium venetians include a clear rod to tilt the slats, and a bottom bar that simply rises the blind up and down by hand. The controls of these perfect fit blinds blend seamlessly into the rest of the blind due to their clear design.


The perfect fit Sunwood venetian range is similar in design to the aluminium, aside from the controls. The controls are in string form much like the standard wooden venetian blinds we offer.


The last of this range is the pleated. A concertina effect gives the blind a modern look and is available in a range of colours and patterns. Another no controls system, allowing smooth movement of the blind by pushing the bottom bar up and down to your desired level. The pleated blind softens the light and almost creates a glow from your window for that cosy feeling.

For more information on our perfect fit blinds, you can visit your nearest showroom or book a free home visit.

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