Child Safety

We have been supportive of making corded blinds child safe for a number of years, helping to reduce the devastating number of tragic child deaths that occur from accidental strangulation from blind cords. Therefore in March 2014, child safety legislation was passed that put a legal responsibility on blind manufacturers, installers and retailers who manufacture & install blinds to do so in compliance with the safety standard.


Amanda for Blinds & Curtains products and installation methods fully comply to: BS EN 13120.


We aim to give the best resolve on type of blind for each individual window. Our surveyors are fully trained and conversant with the child safety standard, above all backed up with good sound advice.


All of our corded blind safety components are compliant to standards BS EN 16434. We manufacture all of our complete blind systems to the compliant standard BS EN 16433.


All of our supply only blind systems are compliant to BS EN 16433 standard. We supply them with full installation and operation instructions with all relevant warning labels attached.


First of all, our blinds are installed correctly by fully trained safety legislation fitters, therefore giving you peace of mind. Most noteworthy providing the optimum safety to the relevant standard.


Amanda for Blinds & Curtains are backing the make it safe campaign to make blinds in all homes safer.

Therefore we are offering FREE safety devices for all blinds in our showrooms to make your old blinds child safe. Furthermore, we are happy to offer free advice. Due to child safety legislation, we are unable to amend existing non child safe blinds. We can give you a free quote on replacing your old non child safe blinds.

For advice please call us on 01782 271313