Child safe blinds | What you need to know

We have been supportive of making & fitting child safe blinds for a number of years now, but it is only since March 2014 that this became compulsory. The law now states that all blinds fitted in domestic properties must have an appropriate safety device fitted in order to prevent the strangulation of young children. […]

Bathroom Blinds | Practical & Stylish

When it comes to choosing bathroom blinds, you want something that’s going to last but also looks the part. We all know how steam and damp can affect different materials, and the same goes for blinds. Standard vertical or roller blind fabrics most of the time just don’t cut the mustard in such a wet […]

Lounge Blinds | Make it cosy!

The lounge, for most people, is the hub of the home. The one place where family comes together, to watch telly, to relax or just to have a chat. Blinds are often that finishing touch that really completes the room. In this guide we aim to advise and inspire you when choosing the right blinds […]